How to refill your refillable sublimation ink cartridges (Epson 7720)

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Here is a quick tutorial on how to refill your refillable sublimation ink cartridges. The regular ink cartridges that come with your Epson or other inkjek printer will NOT work for sublimation. You have to make sure you purchase refillable *sublimation* ink cartridges.


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What you will need for this tutorial:

-Refillable SUBLIMATION ink cartridges

- Sublimation Ink (I use Cobra ink-

- syringes

-Paper towel (optional)

TIP: I Work in my bathroom over my sink so I can rinse our the syringes right away and if I spill it spills in the sink. But if you aren't working over a sink that is what the paper towel would be for.


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