Digi Print (DTF) Pressing Instructions

  • LOW HEAT - 260-270 for 7-12 seconds
  • Place your transfer down with the image facing up toward you. Cover with a parchment sheet and press for 7-12 seconds. Cold peel (just remove from the press and wait 7-10 seconds until it cools down. it does NOT have to be "cold". (You MUST have a heat press to apply)
  • After the initial press, using a teflon OR parchment paper (provided) press for another 6-8 seconds. this will give you the soft, matte and textured look/feel.
  • EVERY HEAT PRESS IS DIFFERENT. Test time/temp/pressure for YOUR press based on our recommendations. 

A Few things to NOTE about "DTF" Transfers:

  • DTF transfers can go on multiple shirt blends- 100% cotton and poly/cotton blends.
  • DTF transfers MUST be applied with a heat press. A home iron will NOT Work.
  • That second press with a teflon or parchment paper is a MUST to get the desired soft look and feel.
  • I HIGHLY RECOMMEND grabbing our "Test press sheet" which gives you EIGHT presses to find the best time/temp/pressure to make sure you are getting the best press every time.


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