Digital Download- White Leopard Print Easter Bunny Instant Download | Sublimation | PNG - Sunshine And Pixels
Digital Download- White Leopard Print Easter Bunny Instant Download | Sublimation | PNG - Sunshine And Pixels

Digital Download- White Leopard Print Easter Bunny Instant Download | Sublimation | PNG

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Sublimation Transfers - Ready to press … NO MINIMUMS! 


White leopard print bunny rabbit with teal and gold accents sublimation transfer

All of our Sublimation transfers are ready to press for shirts, mugs and more! (Choose your size below)

Are you looking to expand your business into the sublimation realm but don’t have the equipment to begin sublimation or maybe the time to invest in the learning curve that comes with sublimation printing? Transfers are the perfect solution! I use professional grade ink, paper and printers to create your sublimation transfers! 


Just Professional Quality Dye Sublimation  transfers with NO Minimums, high quality colors and Fast turnaround time (1-3 business days)! SIMPLE.FAST.QUALTY!

A few things to NOTE about sublimation and sublimation transfers:

  • Sublimation transfers require a HEAT PRESS to be applied. They can not be applied with an iron.
  • Transfers must be used on a substrate coated for sublimation (mugs,etc.) or fabric with at least 50% polyester. 100% polyester is recommended for best results. The fabric must be white or a light color such as an ash gray. The image will not show up on black or dark colors. Any other colors other than white may alter the colors when pressed.
  • If you are bleaching the shirt you may use any color shirt. You can sublimation before or after your bleach the shirt. The design WILL NOT bleach away. I recommend looking up Youtube videos on how to bleach.
  • Also, sublimation does not use white ink therefore if there is white in the design it will become the color of the fabric you apply it to (ie if there is white in the design and you press it to an ash gray shirt, that part would be ash gray)
  • The colors on the listing may differ from the colors on transfer. The true colors will show once pressed to the substrate.
  • Garment transfers will have the image reversed, this is because you will be pressing the image face down on your substrate, which will press the image the correct way (right to left)

There are no returns or refunds on any transfers. If you need to have an item before a certain date then please contact us and you can pay for expedited shipping. We unfortunately have no control over USPS or the weather so if you do not receive an item when you need it, there will be no returns.

Due to the rapid turnaround time for these transfers we can only offer cancellation within 12 hours of purchase. However, no returns or cancellations will be accepted once the item has been shipped. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We really try to return all messages within 24-48 hours. 

Processing time is on average is 1-3 business days before shipping


  • Select your Image size in option 1


TEST SWATCHES- 2.5” (8 designs per 8.5x11 sheet) … these are meant to test your Settings, vapor pillow placement etc prior to pressing your garment. Press it onto a scrap substrate. It comes with multiple 2” designs that say “TEST PRESS”

Baby or Pocket - 4” wide

Toddler - 6” Wide

Youth - 7” Wide

Adult S/M - 10.5” wide

Adult L - 11” Wide

XL-XXL and Full Back Images - 12” wide

Please note that the length will be adjusted to keep the image proportional. 

*** If you would like another size other than what is offered here, please message me PRIOR to checkout. Thank you :) 


  • For T-shirts- Press at 385-400 degrees for 45-60 seconds with medium pressure. Every heat press is different so I recommend getting the “Test” sheet which gives you multiple “test” designs so you can play with different heat settings and record what works best for YOU. For apparel use a 50% or higher poly count and a light colored shirt for best results. **
  • You will want to place a piece of butcher paper or copy paper inside the shirt, under the shirt and on top of the shirt… in addition to your teflon sheet on top before pressing. This prevents dyes from bleeding through to the back of the shirt or getting on your heat press.
  • do NOT move the transfer after it has been heat pressed, take it off the shirt in one swoop, dont let it move or you will get something called “Ghosting”
  • Some people like to use heat transfer tape, others use repositionable sticky spray… do you research! I personally use transfer tape until it's on the heat press, then I carefully take the tape off so that after its pressed I can remove it easily without any tugging (Avoiding ghosting). If you use the adhesive spray, make sure you are using one meant for sublimation and remember to spray LIGHT. Any blotches from the spray can WILL show up when pressed so again, I urge you to do your research
  • RIP THE EDGES OF THE PAPER PRIOR TO PRESSING… Rip it by hand, don’t cut… it makes the edges smoother and will not leave lines in the fabric from the hard edge of the paper. 

For more inspiration and designs feel free to follow me on social Media @SunshineandPixels

After you have completed your purchase you can download your Digital Design one of the following ways:

1.) On the "Purchase Complete" screen you will have a link to go to your downloads. Click the link and download.

2.) You will be emailed a "Thank you for your purchase" email. Inside that email you'll have a link to your downloads. CLick the link and download.

3.) After you have compelted your purchase nvaigate to the "my ccount" icon in the upper right hand corner --> Orders/ Purchase History --> Click on the appropraite purchase --> click the link to your downloads.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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OMG These were my Christmas present to myself and I couldn’t be happier! My babies, printed on DTF and pressed onto 10x10 canvas panels. The details of the canvas REALLY came through on that second press when you remove the film.


I just wanted to say. Thank you so much!!! You guys are awesome i got the shipments so fast im just so grateful


Run! Don't walk to order DTF for canvas prints. I'm going to paint the frame. But I'm so in love!


I knew, without a doubt, that I was going to place my order with S&P. I knew she had my back - and trust me when I say, she sure did. She touched base with me to make sure we were on the same page with the final size of the design and to cheer me on for such a big order….and answered my messages between recieving the screens (WHICH WAS CRAZY FAST by the way!) and today when I told her that I knocked them out and they are enroute to the customers. I truly cannot thank you enough!!


If you’re not running customs in your group, you’re missing out on extra $$$!!!! I take a limited number of custom orders each month, and S&P makes it all possible with her amazing quality custom digi prints!


I decided to do subs this year for pillows and I love them!


Just received my first Custom Digi Transfer order that I placed on Tues!!! Love how they turned out!! Super impressed! I will be ordering again!


Once again these DIGI prints turned out amazing! You will forever have my business! thank you S&P!


Thanks for printing these custom prints that I designed! Can't wait to get my next custom order in, they turned out awesome!


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