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Full Wrap Sublimation Transfer- Teal and Black Leopard Print

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Sublimation Transfers - Ready to press … NO MINIMUMS! 


All of our Sublimation transfers are ready to press for shirts, mugs and more! (Choose your size below)


A few things to NOTE about sublimation and sublimation transfers:

  • Sublimation transfers require a HEAT PRESS OR CONVECTION OVEN  to be applied. They can not be applied with an iron.

  • Transfers must be used on a substrate coated for sublimation (mugs,etc.) The substrate must be white or a light color such as an silver. The image will not show up on black or dark substrates. Any other colors other than white may alter the colors when pressed.

  • Also, sublimation does not use white ink therefore if there is white in the design it will become the color of the substrate you apply it to (ie if there is white in the design and you press it to a a white tumbler, that part would be white)

  • The colors on the listing may differ from the colors on transfer. The true colors will show once pressed to the substrate.

  • Transfers will have the image reversed, this is because you will be pressing the image face down on your substrate, which will press the image the correct way (right to left)

There are no returns or refunds on any transfers. I list the measurements for the tumblers in the variant options. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK SIZING AGAINST YOUR SUBSTRATE.... every mug manufacturer is different!!! I can adjust sizing as needed for you. You will just need to put the specific sizing in the notes section upon checkout.

If you need to have an item before a certain date then please choose an expedited shipping service at checkout. We unfortunately have no control over USPS or the weather so if you do not receive an item when you need it, there will be no returns.

Due to the rapid turnaround time for these transfers we can only offer cancellation within 12 hours of purchase. However, no returns or cancellations will be accepted once the item has been shipped. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We really try to return all messages within 24-48 hours. 


TEST SWATCHES- 2.5” (8 designs per 8.5x11 sheet) … these are meant to test your Settings prior to pressing your garment. Press it onto a scrap substrate. It comes with multiple 2” designs that say “TEST PRESS” so you can track the time/temp/pressure that gives you the best results. 


  • 20 oz skinny tumbler - 9.26" x 8.15"
  • FULL PAGE - printed on 8.5"x11" sublimation paper


Please note that every manufacturer is different therefore I STRONGLY encourage you to measure your drinkware against the measurements above. If you need a different size than noted, please put the exact measurements in the NOTES Section upon checkout. 



  • Time/Temp will vary based on if you are using a press or convection oven. Please refer to your blanks supplier for time/temp instructions

  • If you are pressing using a convection oven, please visit my youtube channel for a quick tutorial
  • If you are using a convection oven, you will need a silicone wrap or sublishrink

  • be careful not to move the transfer after it has been heat pressed or you will get something called “Ghosting”. Try to remove the transfer without shifting it (remove it in one peel) or simply wait for it to cool. 

  • Ceramic mugs can sometimes "bleed" after being pressed and dipping it in room temp water after pressing can alleviate that. 

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