SAMPLE DIGI PRINTS  (Digi Print/ DTF Transfer)

SAMPLE DIGI PRINTS (Digi Print/ DTF Transfer)

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This is a SAMPLE "Digi Print/ DTF/ Clear Film" Transfer.




A few IMPORTANT things about THIS LISTING:




This transfer is NOT meant to be used to sell products.


You will not get to choose the design that is sent. it will be a random SAMPLE print sent at out descretion.


These sample prints are our "misprints" therefore colors may be off, the image may not be reversed, I may have accdiently printed it with a full white square behind it (i'm human 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️)... These are mean to test press and try them with your heat press settings


1 Test Print per customer / must be ordered separately. Cannot be combined with other items. 










LOW HEAT - 300-315 for 8-10 seconds


Medium Pressure




2nd press with teflon or parchment paper for 5-7 seconds






We provide pressing instructions however every heat press is different so you must find what work best with YOUR heat press. We are not responsible for transfers that are not pressed correctly. If you are new we STRONGLY suggest getting a test press sheet




There are no returns or refunds on any transfers. If you need to have an item before a certain date then please contact us and you can pay for expedited shipping. We unfortunately have no control over USPS or the weather so if you do not receive an item when you need it, there will be no returns.




Due to the rapid turnaround time for these transfers we can only offer cancellation within 12 hours of purchase. However, no returns or cancellations will be accepted once the item has been shipped. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We really try to return all messages within 24-48 hours.